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The 29 different Ways To Use Cannabis

Cannabis is the most popular plant on the planet. No wonder that throughout the years there are more and more different ways to enjoy this plant. Most of us have smoked, eaten or vaped weed before, but there are plenty of new and unique ways which are not wide known yet.

Exploring the world of our beloved plant never gets boring. In this article we take a deep dive into all the different ways to use cannabis, which will include the duration of the high, the effects and how healthiness of the method. Do you have a unique way which is not featured in this article? Let us know in the comments!

Smoking cannabis






Other ways to use cannabis


Smoking cannabis

First we’ll start with the common ways to smoke weed. I’m sure most of these sound familiar for the modern stoner. When cannabis is smoked, the psychoactive compound THC enters the bloodstream quickly. Which leads to direct effects such as relaxation, an altered perception and feeling euphoric. The duration of the effects is relatively short, as the high usually fades away in two to three hours. However, as with all methods of consuming weed, the duration and effects are depended on individual factors such as potency and tolerance. One harmless side effect of smoking weed is the red eyes you can get from it. While smoking weed once in a while might not cause any serious health problems, smoking it all the time can be risky. Long-term exposure to marijuana smoke can mess up your lungs, leading to risks like chronic bronchitis and irritated airways.

1.      Joint

Typically a joint is the first experience with cannabis, at least it was for us! A joint consists of rolling paper exclusively filled with weed. A tip can be rolled into the joint to smoke it completely without getting the grinded weed in your mouth, or burning your lips. Joints are usually rolled with a single rolling paper of either a long or short size. Joints induce a relatively intense high due to the quantity of cannabis they contain. Hence, they are often pre-rolled to facilitate successful enjoyment and ensure a more potent high. These pre-rolled joints are especially nice for those whose rolling skills are not yet well-developed. Poorly rolled joints often burn unevenly if the cannabis is not evenly distributed, given that cannabis burns much faster than the rolling paper.

Some say the name ‘’joint’’ refers to sharing weed with others. One person rolls the joint, other people join and it’s passed around the group.
Stash box Open Your Mind

2.      Spliff

When you smoke a joint with tobacco, it is called a spliff. Smoking without tobacco is very popular in the United States. Smoking pure weed has the advantage that you don't get any nicotine. Pure smoking is less addictive than smoking with tobacco.
In The Netherlands it’s very common to roll a joint with tobacco, also known as a spliff. This originates from the sixties and seventies when there was mostly hash available. It’s impossible to roll a hash spliff without tobacco as it will not burn. However in the last years more and more people quit smoking tobacco because of health risks and way it masks the flavor of weed in the joint. But it’s still pretty uncommon the roll a joint with pure weed, as most people are not used to this amount of THC intake. Tobacco alternatives are on the rise. At Open Your Mind we have experienced with most available tobacco alternatives and personally we like to mix our THC weed with some CBD weed. This smokes better than most tobacco alternatives, feels better on your throat and lungs and the higher dose of CBD gives an relaxing effect.

Another benefit of the spliff is that it gives you the possibility to dose the amount of weed you roll up. It’s ideal when you want to smoke during the day but don’t want to get incredibly high. Did you know that weed can improve focus? Theres a catch however, as too much THC can lead to being too high where focus becomes more difficult. Smoking a spliff might be ideal when trying to find this sweet spot.

 Picture of a spliff, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

3.      Blunt

Joints and spliffs are rolled with rolling papers, but blunts are primarily crafted from hollowed-out cigars. The tobacco-rich wrapping of the cigar gives a flavorful taste to your blunt. Of course, not everyone has this preference. For those who aren't fond of tobacco, there are blunts available without it, offering various flavors. Blunts with strawberry, mango, and grape flavors, for instance, are highly popular. These blunt wraps are conveniently packaged in freshness-preserving packing. A blunt typically contains more weed than a joint or spliff, making it ideal for sharing with friends for an enhanced shared experience.

Due to the slow burning rate of the tobacco wrap, the high amount of cannabis and the length of the typical blunt, most of the experienced stoners find it challenging to smoke an entire blunt in one smoke session. Among the so far discussed ways of consuming cannabis, the blunt is the most potent one.


4.      Weed Pipe

The existence of weed pipes is believed to date back approximately 3000 years, with some of the oldest specimens discovered in Laos, Asia (1). Since then, technology, materials, and overall functionality have undergone significant improvements, making the act of smoking more enjoyable and accessible. While you can certainly indulge in your favorite strain through a joint or blunt, there's a distinct allure to the simplicity of a pipe. Often regarded as the 'original' way to consume weed, pipes continue to be incredibly popular for good reason.

As the name suggests, these are pipes designed for smoking weed. They are also referred to as 'pure pipes' since they are exclusively used for smoking cannabis or other herbal substances. All you need to use them is some finely grinded cannabis and a lighter or match. Weed pipes offer a pure, unadulterated smoking experience and are as straightforward as it gets.

 Picture of a weed pipe, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

5.      Hash Pipe

A hash pipe offers one of the most authentic methods for enjoying hashish. The ‘Sebsi’, originating from Native American pipes and adapted in Morocco, is specifically crafted for smoking kief or hash. Typically ranging from 30 to 50 centimeters in length, the Sebsi can be fashioned from wood, metal, or reed, with its bowls commonly crafted from red clay. This Moroccan pipe, designed for hash, can be procured directly from Morocco, adding an artisanal touch to the hashish-smoking experience. On the other hand, the spoon pipe, a more commonplace option, provides an accessible means for hash consumption. Similar to a bong or bubbler, the spoon pipe is ideal for communal use, as the hash gradually burns, facilitating shared enjoyment. To partake, simply place a small piece of hash on top of the screen, ignite it, and pull through the pipe, witnessing the hash burn as you indulge in the experience.


6.      One-hitter

Inspired off the ancient weed and hash pipes, one-hitters are gaining popularity among modern stoners. A one-hitter, as the name implies, is a compact pipe designed for a single inhalation of cannabis. Crafted from various materials such as glass, metal, or ceramic, these pocket-sized pipes resemble straightforward straight tubes, akin to miniature chillums, featuring a small bowl at one end that accommodates a single hit of weed. To use, you load the bowl with a small amount of cannabis, light it, and inhale from the opposite end. This simplicity makes one-hitters perfect for on-the-go cannabis consumption, providing a convenient and portable option for those looking to enjoy a quick hit discreetly.



Even though the way of consuming weed with a bong is still considered smoking, we thought the bong deserved its own chapter. A lot of stoners say that when it comes to smoking weed, nothing beats a bong rip. But selecting a bong can be overwhelming, due to the many different types available. Don’t forget, the bong is not just a tool, it’s an experience! Whether you're a seasoned stoner or just curious about what makes those bongs so iconic, we've got you covered.

Picture this: you take a rip, feel that bubbling rush of smoke, and then, BAM! It hits you like a wave of euphoria. The high from a bong is often described as a heady, intense experience that kicks in faster than many other methods of consumption. A peak high will be reached in 15-30 minutes, followed by a chill ride lasting two to three hours.
Now, let's talk health. While bongs offer a gentler inhale, it's not a green light for carefree smoking. Long-term heavy use can still impact respiratory health. So, keep it moderate, be mindful of your lungs, and enjoy the ride.


7.      Beaker bongs

Meet the classics: beaker bongs, the OGs of water pipes that have graced the screens of countless cannabis scenes. You've probably seen them in movies or shows – those bongs with the wide bottoms. But there's more to them than just aesthetics.

The broad base isn't just for show; it's a game-changer for a smoother smoking experience. Stability is the name of the game, ensuring bong stays put while you enjoy your session. No more worrying about accidental table tumbles – beaker bongs are built to stand firm.

The sturdiness and durability sets them apart from basis tube bongs. Beaker bongs are the sturdy tanks of the bong world, ready to endure the highs and lows of your smoking adventures. You can confidently place a beaker bong on the table, knowing it won't casually roll off and meet a tragic end on the floor.

But there's more – the magic happens in the base. Beaker bongs, with their extra water-holding capacity, let you inhale longer and harder once you've got some expertise. It's the kind of bonus that seasoned stoners appreciate, making beaker bongs a preferred choice for those who crave a robust and stable smoking experience.

 Picture of a beaker bong, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

8.      Straight tube bongs

We’ve quickly mentioned the straight tube bong in the previous part. This classic bong is known for the easy to clean designs and straight tubed shape. Usually this type of bong is pretty big, with heights from 20 to 60 centimeters. Crafted from a single hefty piece of glass, these bongs boast simplicity with a touch of elegance. But be aware, the big difference with the beaker bong is the stability. Combine that with its glass material, and you can find yourself in a very unfortunate situation.

Yet, simplicity doesn't mean a lack of sophistication. Many straight-tube bongs take it up a notch with the addition of percolators. These sleek additions elevate your smoking experience, ensuring that each hit is not only tall in stature but rich in smoothness and effectiveness.


9.      Gravity bongs

Gravity bongs works differently than the previous mentioned bongs. Using water, the gravity bong creates a vacuum that pulls smoke up, delivering an intense hit with every inhalation. There are a lot of different designs and shapes available on the market, but they all have in common to use gravity as a tool to generating the smoke.

Now, here's the cosmic catch – gravity bongs are for the seasoned pioneers of the smoking universe. It's not for the faint-hearted; the rush is real. So, heed the interstellar advice: take it slow. Familiarity with the cosmic currents of smoking will ensure you ride the waves of sensation without being swept away. Strap in, fellow space travelers – the gravity bong journey is not for the uninitiated! 🚀💨


10.  Percolator bongs / bubbler bongs

It’s in the name what makes this bong stand out: the percolator.

Enter the scene, percolator bongs, also known as bubblers/bubbler bongs. These are the sophisticates of the smoking world, boasting a specialized feature that elevates you entire smoking experience.

In essence, a percolator bong incorporates a percolator, a mechanism designed to disperse smoke before it journeys through water. This process creates a visually captivating bubbling effect, but its true purpose lies in the transformation of harsh smoke into a cooler, more refined inhalation.

The beauty of percolator bongs lies in their ability to cool and filter the smoke, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and enjoyable smoking session. It's the equivalent of sipping a finely aged wine rather than hastily gulping down a shot. So, if you're seeking a touch of sophistication in your smoking ritual, the percolator bong is the connoisseur's choice

Of all the bongs we have tried over the past, we stick with percolator bongs. The smoke is much more enjoyable to inhale, creating  a much better experience than the usual straight tube bongs.


11.  Fruit bongs

When it comes to bongs, there are unlimited ways you can create your own tool. When you are out of rolling papers, don’t have your pipe and vaporizer with you, there is always a solution!

Sometimes it can be worth it to get your creativity going, and making something out of the ordinary. Did you know you can use plenty of different fruits to create your own bong? Even though it’s not better for your health, it might feel like it 😉

Materials you need:

  • An apple, although any other firm fruit will also work. Apples a a classic go-to due to their hollow center
  • A pen or pencil, for creating the central airflow tunnel
  • A knife to carve out all necessary compartments
  • Ideally you also want to add aluminum foil

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Select Your Fruit:

Choose a fruit that has a sturdy, hollow center. Apples, pears, and pumpkins are popular choices. Ensure it's fresh and firm for stability.

  1. Create the Central Airflow Tunnel:

Take your pen or pencil and carefully bore a hole through the top of the fruit, ensuring it reaches the hollow center. This will serve as your smoke pathway.

  1. Carve the Bowl:

Using the knife, carve a small, bowl-shaped divot near the side of the fruit. If you're using an apple, this is typically where the stem was. If you have aluminum foil, you can make a small bowl for your weed and attach it in the bowl.

  1. Craft the Carb (Optional):

For enhanced control over airflow, you can carve a small hole with the knife, creating a "carb." This allows you to regulate the intensity of your hits.

  1. Final Touches:

Inspect your creation, ensuring all cuts are clean and free of debris. If using aluminum foil, make sure it's secure and won't compromise the structural integrity.

Even though it is not a long-term solution, a DIY fruit bong are a fun and creative way to enjoy a unique smoking experience! What’s the most unique home made bong you have created? Let us know in the comments!


12.  Hookah

A hookah, also referred to as water pipe, is slightly different than the previous discussed types of bongs. It is actually designed for smoking (flavored) tobacco but as you might have noticed right now, we are not the biggest fan of tobacco 😉 However, the hookah can also perfectly fine be used for smoking weed or hash. Ideally you combine the weed or hash with some (nicotine-free) tobacco, I would suggest to first put some tobacco, then your stash and top it off with some more tobacco. Biggest difference compared to a bong is the fact that this is not a one-ripper. You can enjoy it for a longer period of time.

Hookahs are often larger than bongs, and often have multiple hoses for simultaneous use, making it ideal to enjoy with friends. In our opinion definitely worth a try to mix up your average hookah experience with our favored plant!

 Picture of a hookah, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis


In recent years, the landscape of weed consumption has undergone a significant transformation, with an increasing number of enthusiasts turning to vaporizers as their preferred method. A weed vaporizer, often referred to as a ‘vape’, offers a great alternative to previously discussed traditional smoking methods by heating the weed or concentrate to a temperature that releases cannabinoids and terpenes without combustion. This innovative approach not only enhances the flavor profile of the cannabis but also mitigates the harmful effects associated with inhaling smoke. As the vaporizer market has developed quickly, there are plenty of different options available now. To give you some insight in the commonly used vaporizers used for weed, we’ll cover all the explore the varied types available, understand the unique effects they offer – all while keeping a keen eye on the potential health advantages compared to the traditional ways of smoking cannabis. The duration of the high is not impacted when vaping weed compared to smoking weed, sounds like only advantages right?


13.  Conduction Vaporizers

A conduction vaporizer is a type of vaporizer that operates by directly heating the material in contact with the heating element. This category of vaporizer is considered more cost-effective than other types, and they are generally easier to use. One drawback of conduction vaporizers is the risk of combustion of your herb or other material, leading to less pure vapor and more wastage. Additionally, conduction vaporizers heat the material less evenly compared to convection vaporizers.
When you see someone walking around with a portable vaporizer which doesn’t look fancy or expensive, there’s a big chance this heats through conduction.


14.  Convection vaporizers

A convection vaporizer is a type of vaporizer that operates by heating the air around the material, allowing the material itself to be heated subsequently. This type of vaporizer is usually more expensive than other varieties, but it comes with a couple of advantages. One of the benefits of a convection vaporizer is its ability to heat the material more evenly than a conduction vaporizer. This means there is less risk of combustion of your cannabis, resulting in a purer vapor. Moreover, convection vaporizers generally produce a higher quality vapor compared to conduction vaporizers. You also don’t need to worry that during the convection heating process a part of the weed is burned, which makes this method healthier. The only drawback of a convection vaporizer is its typically higher cost compared to other types of vaporizers.


15.  Hybrid vaporizers

We are not finished yet, as there are also hybrid vaporizers on the market, combining the best of both worlds. In a hybrid vaporizer, the heating chamber may utilize a combination of direct contact with a heating element (conduction) and the circulation of hot air around the material (convection). This hybrid approach aims to blend the benefits of both heating methods, offering a more versatile and balanced vaping experience.


16.  Portable vaporizers

Number 14 till 16 were more an explanation about the different ways of heating employed in modern vaporizers. Let’s get into the more interesting part. Portable and tabletop vaporizers are two distinct categories that both have it’s benefits in the use of marihuana.

Portable vaporizers are designed for on-the-go use, providing convenience and discretion. These compact devices have a battery and easily fit into your pocket, allowing users to enjoy cannabis outside the house. Portable vaporizers commonly employ conduction heating due to the need for quick and efficient heat-up times. This heating method is practical for portable devices, delivering rapid results and making them ideal for users seeking a quick and discreet session. While some portable vaporizers may incorporate convection heating for a more even and flavorful experience, conduction remains most common in this category.

 Picture of a portable vaporizer, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

17.  Tabletop vaporizers

In contrast, tabletop vaporizers, also known as desktop vaporizers, are stationary units designed for use at home. These devices are generally larger and more powerful, offering a broader range of features. Tabletop vaporizers almost always use convection heating, providing a more precise temperature control and even distribution of heat throughout the material. The advantage of convection heating in tabletop vaporizers is its ability to deliver a smoother and more flavorful vapor, making them popular among cannabis connoisseurs who prioritize the taste and aroma. Additionally, tabletop vaporizers are typically plugged into electrical outlets, ensuring a consistent power source for extended sessions.
It wouldn't be surprising that this type of vaporizer is generally the most expensive one. Personally we have never used it yet, but definitely on our list!




Welcome to the world of dabbing. No, not the outdated dabbing trend of 2016 which is now too cringe to look at! It is very popular in the United States, but it’s making its rise in Europe as well. Dabbing of dabs is the use of very concentrated hash oil. Heating up these concentrated THC extracts delivers a rapid and intense high. Due to the strength of dabbing some say you build up tolerance faster than with other ways of using weed.

We can’t wait to try this for the first time, making it very interesting to do some research and give you the highlights of different ways of smoking dabs.

 Picture of a THC concentrate, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

18.  Dab Rig

The most popular tool is the standard dab rig. There are plenty of fancy setups, but all standard ones at least contain the following: a water-filled chamber, a mouthpiece for inhalation, a heat-and-vapor-sealing dome, and a nail for dab ignition.

The process involves heating the nail with a torch, placing the THC concentrate / Hash Oil on it, and inhaling through the mouthpiece. The water chamber helps cool and filter the smoke for a smoother hit. While standard dab rigs offer a classic and authentic experience, they require a bit of manual effort for heating.

There are also electrical dab rigs on the market. They typically include a built-in heating element, temperature control settings, and a water filtration system. Unlike traditional dab rigs that require an external heat source, e-rigs are powered by electricity and often come with rechargeable batteries. This way you can enjoy the convenience of temperature control without the need for manual heating.


19.  Smoking concentrates without a rig

There are some differences between concentrates, dabs and extracts. In this article we won’t go too deep into this, essentially it comes down to concentrated waxes and oils which contain the highest levels of THC and CBD.  
There are a couple of fun ways of consuming these concentrates without needing to use a dab rig. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram, a joint rolled into THC wax. It works best with some thicker concentrate, as more liquid oils make it harder for the joint to burn.
With the right vaporizer it is also possible to vapor your concentrate, definitely an easy way to use this outside your house without needing to bring the dab rig set up.
Last but not least, you could even use a hot knife to heat up your dab. You can heat up your knife with a torch, place the concentrate on the heated metal (watch your fingers!) and inhale the smoke through a straw. Even though it might not be the most efficient way, it’ll do the trick.

Looking for more fun things to do when your high being high? We got you!



When it comes to edibles, the different ways of using weed are endless! Compared to smoking, vaping or dabbing, eating cannabis will result in a much longer high. It will take longer though before you feel the effects, but the intensity will definitely not let you down. Eating marihuana is generally considered to be a healthier alternative than all previously described ways of consumption. Because there are so many possibilities, it’s hard to get bored.

 Picture of edibles, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

20.  Classic space cake

Everybody knows the classics: edibles like space cake, weed infused brownies or cookies. In the process of making these edibles it’s most important to heat up the THC for a longer period of time to activate it. This is called ‘’ decarboxylation’’. There are plenty of articles online giving you the exact recipe for the best space cake or brownies. We only have one tip though: better to eat less and wait for a long period before taking more. Edibles hit different!

21.  THC candies

Becoming more and more popular are the THC candies. Recently we see these pop-up more often in the Coffeeshops in our home country The Netherlands. THC candies offer a sweet, delicious and discreet way to enjoy the effects of cannabis.
Most popular are THC-infused gummies. They come (or you can make them) in various flavors, shapes and strengths. For a more slow-releasing method there are also hard candies like lollypops available. Other THC candies we’ve had the pleasure of eating in the past were: chocolates, toffees, sour candies and even mints.
It is important to mention that the potency can really differ. Even a very small candy can contain a high dosage of THC. A dosage of 25mg THC is considered to be high, which easily fits into a small candy or gummy bear. So take it easy, listen to advise and don’t eat the complete bag. We know it can be hard to keep yourself from eating when you get the munchies, make sure you prepare and don’t only buy edibles 😉

 Picture of THC candies, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

22.  Cannabis dinner

We could keep writing for hours about the possibilities of cannabis in your food. The number of ways are endless, most importantly is to activate the THC the correct way otherwise it is a waste of your stash. When eating edibles it does not involve heat like with smoking or using a vaporizer. Therefore the THC in your cannabis must be activated (decarboxylation) before you will get high from it. Often cannabis will first be heated in an oven or heated up in a pan with oil or butter to start this process. After that, there is a way to infuse cannabis in each and every meal, you just have to be creative.

We were looking online and came across this free online edible cookbook, filled with recipes for salads, snacks, sauces and dinner ideas. What’s your craziest meal you’ve made with weed? Let us know in the comments!



The people reading carefully know by now that it is possible to add weed to pretty much every meal, but the drinks are no exception either! Ranging from hot beverages to cold refreshments, you can consume weed through your drinks in pretty much everything. Just as with eating cannabis, it is much healthier to use your weed in a drink compared to smoking it. We will cover of a couple of weed drinks that stand out for us!


23.  Weed coffee

The combination of cannabis and coffee is the best of two plants, each known for their potential to improve the quality of our live. Whether your goal is stress reduction, better sleep, or a ‘high’ energy boost, cannabis-infused coffee is a compelling choice.

Consider giving cannabis-infused coffee a try; it might just be the flavorful and holistic addition your routine needs. You will find the interesting synergy between these two plants. Personally we really like this combination as it gives you the high you want, in combination with enough energy. At Open Your Mind we are all about combining a productive lifestyle with our favored plant, making this the ideal drink!

 Picture of weed coffee, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

24.  Weed tea

Cannabis tea is a chill choice, especially if you're winding down for the night. Unlike coffee's caffeine buzz, cannabis tea's got cannabinoids that can bring on the calm vibes. Ever wondered how weed impacts your sleep? This drink is the preferred choice later in the evening compared to coffee, as it is a more mellow option before bedtime since cannabinoids, like CBD, can help ease stress and anxiety.


25.  Cannabis-infused milkshake

Beside coffee and tea there are numerous drinks to explore when it comes to adding THC. We will end this chapter with our favored: the Cannabis-Infused Milkshake. We have the luxury of living in The Netherlands, in which many Coffeeshops (read: Weed dispensaries) are available. One of our favorite places to hang out, The Grass Company, offers cannabis milkshakes on their menu. If you are ever around, definitely our recommendation to try that out!

P.s. don’t forget to order the weed Oreo cheesecake on the side 😉


Other ways to use cannabis

Believe it or not, there are even more ways of consuming cannabis. In our opinion we have covered the most interesting ones extensively, so we will keep it short in this section.


26.  Topicals

Cannabis topicals are applied directly to the skin and have a long history of use as holistic skin remedies. These topicals are available in many forms such as creams, lotions and balms. Research is underway to explore the potential benefits of cannabis topicals, with cannabinoids interacting with the skin's endocannabinoid system.
Cannabis topicals which are applied directly to the skin, do not produce a psychoactive effect, even if they contain THC. Topicals can still have a positive effect on the skin, but they will not make you high, too bad!


27.  THC Pills

We could place these in the category edibles, but in our opinion THC pills are definitely a unique way or using cannabis. F example medical marijuana patients might find this the ideal solution. THC pills also provide an ideal solution for people seeking reliable dosing without the concerns of added sugars or calories often associated with edibles. These capsules not only offer discretion are also easy to bring with you, enabling (medical) cannabis users to conveniently take their medication on the move.

Furthermore, cannabis capsules provide a healthier and more accurate option for those who prefer to avoid smoking or vaping. They come in diverse formulations, which makes them a practical choice for individuals who prioritize precise dosing.

 Picture of a THC pill, one of the 29 ways to use cannabis

28.  THC Sprays

Another pretty new way of using weed - sprays that are infused with THC or CBD. People mostly use them by squirting under their tongue. Initially adopted by medical marijuana users it is now gaining popularity among people want to avoid the downsides of smoking or can't handle edibles.

Next to that, these sprays are popular in places where weed is still illegal. At Open Your Mind we are pro-destigmatizing our beloved plant and hope more and more countries become weed friendly. Till that time, the THC spray might be your ideal solution.


29.  Eating raw cannabis

Yes you are reading it right: eating raw cannabis. Earlier we described that THC needs to be activated before your edibles will make you high, but the cannabis plant has many other beauties than it psychoactive effects. Not only spinach and broccoli can be defined as a super food, from a nutritional standpoint, cannabis is rich in beneficial components, including proteins, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Smoking, vaping, and cooking can all change the chemical composition of weed to some extent. Weed plants have important molecules like terpenes and cannabinoid acids. However, these are sensitive to high temperatures. When you eat raw weed, these compounds keep their natural structure. This way, your body gets access to plant chemicals that might disappear or change when you smoke cannabis.

Might be interesting to try some day, but for us, there are plenty of other ways to us weed before we start throwing it in our salads!


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