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Open Your Mind® | Stash box

Well-designed storage box for all your smoking essentials

Comes with three air-tight jars, a rolling tray and plenty of storage space

Made with high quality materials and equipped with sturdy hinges and lock

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Open Your Mind®

We are dedicated to crafting practical cannabis accessories that will elevate your smoking experience. We focus on designing high quality, unique and mature products which can be proudly presented in your interior or daily lifestyle.

We distance ourselves from common prejudices and stereotypes regarding cannabis and we create a community of like minded, high-performing people.

  • Denisecom on 19-5-2024

    I ordered the box for my friend and he was and still is very enthusiastic. The box looks very high quality and is beautifully finished. The packaging was also perfect.


  • Maximilian on 14-4-2024

    Really nice ! All really high quality.


  • Ivo on 29-2-2024

    Perfect good quality and beautiful shine

  • Elisa on 27-3-2024

    The order arrived quickly. Well protected package. The box is practical and aesthetic


  • Daryll on 17-3-2024

    the quality is great! i received the package the next day and also great service!

  • paradoxwater on 7-3-2024

    Looks way better in person then in pictures. Good amount of space and gives a touch of class to your smoking sessions. If you like nice things i highly recommend this box