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Stash Box | Open Your Mind®

Stash Box | Open Your Mind®

Elevate your smoking experience with the Stash Box from Open Your Mind®. Keep your cannabis fresh and organized in this luxurious box. Designed for the refined smoker who appreciates the finer things in life. 

  • Large Stash Box
  • Luxurious design
  • Airtight glass jars
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  • Denisecom on 19-5-2024

    I ordered the box for my friend and he was and still is very enthusiastic. The box looks very high quality and is beautifully finished. The packaging was also perfect.


    5-star Etsy review

  • Maximilian on 14-4-2024

    Really nice ! All really high quality.


    5-star Etsy review

  • Ivo on 29-2-2024

    Perfect good quality and beautiful shine


    5-star Etsy review

  • Elisa on 27-3-2024

    The order arrived quickly. Well protected package. The box is practical and aesthetic.


    5-star Etsy review

  • Daryll on 17-3-2024

    the quality is great! i received the package the next day and also great service!

    5-star Etsy review

  • paradoxwater on 7-3-2024

    Looks way better in person then in pictures. Good amount of space and gives a touch of class to your smoking sessions. If you like nice things i highly recommend this box

    5-star Etsy review

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About the Stash Box

The Open Your Mind Stash Box is conceived and designed to store all your smoking essentials properly. No more putting your cannabis in plastic bags and letting your necessities clutter in messy drawers. No more hiding away your smoking essentials in some old packaging box.

With the Open Your Mind Stash Box, you can organize all your essentials safely and neatly in one place. We believe it is about time for a stash box to be available that stands out from other stash boxes. A product that actually looks beautiful and serves as a fashionable addition to your interior.

So, not just functional but also aesthetically a must-have for your collection and home-décor.

Stash Box:
Length 24.5cm
Width 23.7cm
Height 10.5 cm

Height 8.5cm
Diameter (Ø)
Volume 150 ml (up to 7 grams)

Picture of Stash box Open Your Mind Glass jar open

Keep your cannabis fresh

The Open Your Mind Stash Box comes with three beautiful air-tight jars. In our opinion, jars are a must-have for every smoker.

These jars come with acacia wood lids that fit perfectly into your stash box.

With these jars, you will be able to keep your cannabis fresh for way longer than with ordinary plastic bags.

Picture of stash box Open Your Mind the rolling tray and storage space

Rolling tray and storage space

The rolling tray is one of the most convenient features of the stash box. This rolling tray allows you to roll joints without leaving a mess.

In the rolling tray we have integrated a rolling paper holder that keeps your paper perfectly in place while you are preparing your cannabis.

The rolling tray is removable. Below the rolling tray is a compartment meant to store all other necessities in one place.

Picture of the quality hinges of the Open Your Mind Stash box

Quality hinges and lock

We paid great attention to the quality and durability of our product.

The Stash Box is equipped with high-quality hinges and lock. This will ensure you of smooth movement and enduring functionality.

Picture of the gift box on the stash box of Open Your mind. It is has the perfect gifting experience

Perfect gifting experience

Looking for a gift for your stoner friend? The Open Your Mind Stash Box is THE perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

The Stash Box comes in a well-designed giftbox packaging which will ensure the recipient of a very satisfying unpacking experience.

Step up your stash game

We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing it the right way. Treat your cannabis and accessories right and give it the home it deserves. The Stash Box of Open Your Mind is designed to be both functional and esthetical pleasing. Unlike competitors who are selling generic products, the stash box of Open Your Mind is uniquely designed by our team based in The Netherlands. With about a year of design and planning put into this stash box, it's easy to see why this stash box is the superior choice.

Embrace the lifestyle

Stop storing your weed essentials in boring stash boxes or hid away somewhere in a desk drawer. Instead, embrace the stoner lifestyle and treat your stuff properly. Organize your weed, rolling papers, grinder and filters in a good looking storage box specially designed for the high-performing community

Don't like it? No problem, just return it!

We only want happy customers at Open Your Mind, which is why we give everyone 14 days to try out the Stash Box.
Don’t like the Stash Box? Very unlikely but no problem! Within 14 days you can easily return it and get a full refund.

Frequently asked questions

What is stash?

In the cannabis community, stash refers to marijuana. Weed, also known as cannabis, is a dried plant produced from the leaves, flowers and stems of the cannabis plant. It has been used for centuries for medicinal and recreational purposes.

Stash can also mean a storage place, hiding place or private stash.

A stash box is a specially designed storage box or container in which you can store marijuana, hashish, herbs and other cannabis products. These storage boxes are not only functional, but often a stylish addition to your collection of smoking accessories.
Stash boxes are often used by people who want to store marijuana or other cannabis products at home. They can also be useful for people who want to take weed with them when traveling, but don't want others to see or smell it.

What are the advantages of a stash box?

The single biggest advantage of the stash box is that you can keep cannabis fresh in it much longer than in a plastic bag. A plastic bag is bad for the cannabinoids and terpenes in your weed, and plastic is chemical, something you'd rather not have sticking to your weed for too long.

Stash boxes can also help keep your weed or hash organized. Our stash container has a large compartment under the rolling tray to neatly store your smoking accessories as well. Because the box itself has 3 weed jars you can also store different kinds of weed and hash.

The stash box has a rolling tray that you can easily remove. Everyone knows the struggle when lying on the couch or on a deep chair, having to get up or sit at the table to roll your joint. The rolling tray you can put on your lap, makes sure that in the rolling paper groove your long rolling papers stay put and that you don't make a mess.

Another great advantage of the stash box is that it helps keep your marijuana clean and dry. It also protects weed your weed from light, which can degrade its quality.

The final benefit of the stash box is discretion. Despite our belief that smoking weed is something you can actually be proud of, we understand that in some situations you don’t want everybody to know. The stash box includes airtight jars designed to minimize the smell of the cannabis. This is important for people who want to store cannabis or other cannabis products at home, but don't want others to see or smell it.

Are the jars airtight and smell-proof?

The jars are airtight and when properly sealed, the cannabis storage jars are completely smell-proof. An additional advantage of this airtightness is that you can keep your cannabis fresh longer.

The cannabis storage jars are made of glass and have lids of durable acacia wood. Ensure that the cannabis stays good longer and when closed, the stash box does not spread cannabis odor. This makes the stash box ideal for placing in a nice spot in the living room. You can proudly display it without the unique cannabis smell coming from it. This is a lot better than the plastic bags, in which cannabis has a shorter shelf life and which let a lot of odor through.

Should you wash out the stash jars first?

Yes, we recommend that you wash the jars thoroughly before storing your cannabis in them. The jars are not dishwasher safe and are best washed out by hand with warm water and soap. Be sure to rinse the jars thoroughly after using the soap and then let them dry. We recommend leaving the jars open for 24 hours to dry thoroughly and get the smell out.
Then you can store your stash in them, and the airtight jars will keep your cannabis fresh for a long time.

How long can you keep weed fresh in the stash box?

For us cannabis enthusiasts, keeping your weed fresh is essential for maintaining flavor, potency and overall quality. The best storage container and stash option for your weed is a glass jar with an airtight lid. The Open Your Mind stash box includes 3 airtight jars. These glass storage jars are non-porous and will not absorb cannabinoids or terpenes from your cannabis.

In addition to airtightness, a cool dark place is essential to keep cannabis fresh for a long period of time. Weed should be stored away from heat and light, as these can break down cannabinoids and terpenes. This can cause your cannabis to become less potent and flavorful. The ideal temperature to keep cannabis fresh is between 15 and 20 degrees, ideal for most living rooms.

The Open Your Mind stash box allows you to keep weed fresh for months, even years. No more hassle with plastic bags, which can affect the quality of the cannabis and expose your weed to chemicals.

Read more tips for keeping weed fresh here.

How many grams of weed fit in the stash box?

It is important not to fill the entire jars to the lid with weed. Some space and air should be left for proper air flow in the jars. If you overfill the stash jars, the cannabis can't dry properly and could potentially go moldy.

The jars have a capacity of 150ml and will fit an average of 7 grams of cannabis per jar. If you have very large buds a little less will fit in, with small buds a little more. So make sure you do not stuff the jars completely and leave some space. Fortunately the stashbox contains three pots, so you have enough space and can also enjoy different weed varieties.

How is the stash box shipped?

We ship the stash box with our logistics partner Amazon FBA. All Open Your Mind stash products are shipped discreetly and well-packaged. The stash box comes in beautiful gift box packaging making it an ideal gift for yourself or a stoner. After purchasing, you will receive an email confirmation within 12 hours and will later receive a tracking link to track the order. On average, the stash box will be delivered within 2-4 business days, if the delivery time is longer, please contact us.

How big is the stash box and what is it made of?

When designing the ideal storage box for weed, we chose not to save on the size. The length of the stash box is 24.5 centimeters, the width 23.7 centimeters and the height 10.5 centimeters. The entire box is made of durable wood, which is homogeneous, stable, flat and non-porous.

Because it is quite a large box, the total weight comes to 2 kilograms. It is a sturdy and solid product with enough space for all your smoking supplies.