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Smoking Weed and Hash Without Tobacco? Everything You Need To Know

In Europe, it's normal to mix cannabis with tobacco, but in the USA, it's often frowned upon.  Do you want to make a change? We dig into the different ways to smoke weed and hash without tobacco. All to give you a healthier and more enjoyable smoking experience.

The origin of mixing weed and hash with tobacco

The benefits of smoking weed with tobacco

The benefits of smoking pure weed

What are ways to use weed without tobacco?

What are the best tobacco alternatives for a joint?


The origin of mixing weed and hash with tobacco

Recently we wrote an article about the main differences in cannabis culture in Europe vs America. One of the key takeaways in the consumption habits is the habit to mix weed and hash with tobacco in Europe.

This originates from the 1960s and 1970s, where hash became very popular throughout Europe. It is not possible to smoke pure hash in a rolling paper. When tobacco is added to the spliff, it burns better and gives a more pleasurable smoking experience. Till today this habit exists, proven to the fact that many pre-rolls contain tobacco and many people still have a preference for spliffs (joints with tobacco) over pure joints.

The trend didn’t stop at hash spliffs only, many weed joints are rolled with tobacco as well in European countries. As tobacco is less expensive it is more affordable to mix it and roll up. Next to that it is easier to roll a joint with tobacco due to the texture and consistency.

However in the last years more and more people quit smoking tobacco because of health risks and way it masks the flavor of weed in the joint. Let’s further delve into the pros and cons of smoking weed and hash without tobacco.

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The benefits of smoking weed with tobacco

If you never smoked weed with tobacco we strongly recommend to keep it this way, as we are not a fan (anymore) of mixing weed with tobacco. But to give a full picture, we want to start with some benefits of this combination.

A spliff burns better

As noted earlier, especially hash smokes a lot better when mixed with tobacco than rolling it pure. The tobacco burns more evenly, resulting a in a better experience. The addition of tobacco also enhances the airflow inside the spliff. This improved airflow creates a more efficient burn, allowing your spliff to stay lit.
Smoking pure hash is only possible with a pure pipe, like a Moroccan Sebsi pipe.

It is more affordable

As it is more affordable to mix both substances, your weed will last longer. Usually people mix about 50/50, therefore you can roll 2 times as much than rolling pure. When you are rolling pure it is easy to put a gram of weed in your joint. With average prices in Europe of €10 to €25 per gram this is quite expensive.

Easier to dose

Adding tobacco can dilute the potency of the cannabis, creating a milder and more controllable high. This appeals to people who prefer a less intense experience, or when you usually smoke together with friends but sometimes alone.
When you are rolling with a smaller dosage of cannabis, your tolerance will build up less fast or not at all. This will be better for future smoking experiences as well.

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The benefits of smoking pure weed

The first 5-6 years of our ‘’smoking career’’ we always used to mix up tobacco and weed or hash, with a sporadic pure joint experience. In this time we smoked cigarettes as well, so we didn’t see the additional harm in this. Quitting cigarettes and tobacco in joints is one of the best decision we have made, hence the motivation to write this article to help and inspire others.

Enjoy the pure experience

Both in taste and the experience of the high we are big believers in smoking pure cannabis. The smell and the taste are one if the most important things for cannabis connoisseurs. The smoke of tobacco overshadows the unique taste and smell of cannabis, not desirable for many. Once you are used to smoking pure, you never want to have something else.
Also the high itself is different. When smoking weed and tobacco you both feel the effects of nicotine and THC at the same time, which can be an overwhelming experience for some. Smoking pure weed gives a more clear high. We say: respect the plant by not mixing it with another plant 😉

Less harmful for your health

Choosing to smoke pure weed eliminates the exposure to harmful substances present in tobacco, resulting in a significant reduction in health risks. By avoiding the toxic elements associated with tobacco, you can enjoy a cleaner and less harmful cannabis experience. This decision not only prioritizes overall well-being but also minimizes the potential long-term health consequences linked to the consumption of tobacco-related substances commonly found in mixed joints or spliffs.

No risk on nicotine addiction

Furthermore, choosing pure weed minimizes the risk of developing nicotine addiction. Tobacco is highly addictive, and mixing it with cannabis can inadvertently lead to dependence. By avoiding tobacco altogether, it is easier to ensure a healthier relationship with cannabis.
For us is combining weed with a productive lifestyle an important factor. We noticed that after quitting tobacco and nicotine, it is easier to moderate cannabis consumption. We believe weed can perfectly fit in a well-balanced and happy life, but the relationship with it should not hinge on dependency or addiction.

Elevating your smoking experience

Overall, all above reasons are in our opinion ways to have a better smoking experience. This is actually the reason why Open Your Mind is founded: We are dedicated to crafting practical cannabis accessories that will elevate your smoking experience. We focus on designing high quality, unique and mature products which can be proudly presented in your interior or daily lifestyle. You can learn more about us here!

 Picture of weed, related to the benefits of smoking weed without tobacco

What are ways to use weed without tobacco?

In our journey to cut out tobacco when using weed, we have tried many different things. To be honest, it became far more enjoyable due to the previously described benefits of cutting out the tobacco but also because there are so many different ways to enjoy our favorite plant. Each different way to use weed will result in a different experience and effects.

Recently we have written an extensive article about all the different ways to use cannabis, of which many does not include tobacco. Therefore we will keep it short in this article, just to give you some ideas and inspiration:

  • Smoking with a bong. Nothing beats a bong rip when it comes to smoking pure weed. There are many different bongs available, such as beaker bongs, straight tube bons, gravity bongs and percolator bongs. When you want to get creative, you can even make a fruit bong from and apple or melon 😉
  • We recently started smoking our weed with a vaporizer. This is actually not considered smoking anymore as it works by hating up weed or hash to a high temperature to release the cannabinoids and terpenes without combustion. Overall this is a lot healthier than smoking, for sure something to try out!
  • When you want to get creative in the kitchen, the different ways of using weed are endless! Getting high with edibles becomes more popular, some examples are: THC candies, full cannabis dinners (as THC can be infused in almost any meal) but you can also make weed coffee or a cannabis-infused milkshake.
  • Besides just rolling a pure joint one of the easiest ways to smoke weed without tobacco is by using a weed pipe or hash pipe. Commonly known as 'pure pipes,' these devices are dedicated solely to smoking cannabis or other herbal substances. All that's required for use is cannabis, a grinder and a lighter or match. Weed pipes provide an uncomplicated and straightforward smoking experience, making them easy to use.

 Picture of THC candies, one of the ways to use weed without tobacco

What are the best tobacco alternatives for a joint?

Don’t want to smoke pure, or only eat edibles? No worries, we understand. As smoking a joint often take a longer time than for example a bong rip, it gives you a longer enjoyment and a moment to relax. But not always you want to get high as fuck, by smoking a full pure joint. We have struggled with this as well and want to share our best tobacco alternatives for rolling a joint.

Use CBD weed

Let’s start with our favorite tobacco alternative: CBD cannabis. Next to the well-known THC-rich cannabis, there's CBD weed, containing 5 to 20% CBD and minimal to none THC. Known for several possible medicinal advantages, CBD (cannabidiol) lacks the psychoactive effects associated with THC. Ideal for those who prefer a non-intoxicating option or searching for an tobacco alternative to roll a joint with.
For us this is not only the perfect way to replace the tobacco, we also find the high more enjoyable. It gives a less intense but more relaxed experience, than with are higher THC-rich cannabis strain in a pure joint.

Herbal tobacco alternatives

Herbal tobacco alternatives provide a natural and nicotine-free option for cannabis enthousiasts. Blends like mullein or damiana offer a quite smooth and and interesiting aromatic base. These alternatives, free from the addictive qualities of tobacco, might be a good solution for you. Personally we don’t like the taste and smell of most of these options and prefer to go with the mentioned CBD buds.

Hemp alternatives

Hemp-based products offer a healthier and more sustainable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Hemp is naturally free from harmful chemicals and addictive substances, making it a safer choice for your health and the environment. We have tried several hemp based tobacco alternatives and like Kemph the most. Just like Open Your Mind, Kemph is a Dutch brand, which is recognized by the government and sold in many places in The Netherlands. It looks and feels a bit like tobacco and makes it easy to roll up your spliff. Our ideal mix would be 60-70% weed and 30-40% Kemph. Also when rolling up hashish, this is a good solution.


What is your favorite tobacco alternative, or way to get high without tobacco? Let us know in the comments!

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