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Best Weed-Friendly Vacation Countries In 2024

Looking for the best weed-friendly holiday destinations in 2024? We got you! After recently writing our article about the best cannabis countries in Europe, we couldn’t leave the rest of the world behind!

Luckily for us cannabis enthusiasts, more and more countries worldwide are legalizing cultivation, possession and consumption of weed for recreational and medical purposes. This changing perspective towards cannabis is creating a fresh set of possibilities for individuals in search of cannabis-friendly havens all over the world.

Whereas we discussed in our article about the legal status of cannabis in every European country in depth, on this webpage we will only discuss some hot spots. Let’s start with Europe!


Cannabis-friendly holiday destinations in Europe

Anno 2024, in 25 of the European countries cannabis is still illegal, but 17 countries decriminalized it and only 2 countries fully legalized our favorite plant.


Breaking ground in Europe, Malta has become the first country on the continent to give the green light to cannabis legalization. The new regulations allow individuals to carry up to 7 grams of cannabis, permit households to cultivate up to 4 plants, and greenlight the storage of up to 50 grams of cannabis within the home. However, the legality of consumption is constrained to designated spaces, specifically cannabis clubs and private residences. This decision sets Malta apart as a pioneer in reshaping attitudes towards cannabis use in Europe.

Sun-kissed shores, azure waters, and charming towns full of history. Malta stuns with medieval walls, ancient temples, and vibrant culture. Dive into crystal-clear coves, savor delectable cuisine, and feel time melt away in this Mediterranean gem. This is not only a weed-friendly vacation, but also a beautiful place to be!

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In July 2023, Luxembourg joined the ranks as the second European country to legalize recreational cannabis use. Presently, Luxembourg permits home cultivation of up to 4 plants and a maximum carry limit of 3 grams, with consumption restricted to indoor spaces.

Luxembourg is a very small country, with just about 650K residents. There are many castles coming straight out of storybooks, colorful villages and beautiful nature. You can see a lot in a day but in our opinion it is definitely worth to go a couple of days if you enjoy nature. Luxembourg might be small, but trust me, it is awesome.

Combine this with the legal status of weed, and we for sure recommend this as one of the cannabis havens to plan your next trip to!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Even though the legal status of weed in The Netherlands is only decriminalized right now, as Open Your Mind is a Dutch brand, we can’t skip our capital city of course!

Amsterdam has long magnetized cannabis enthusiasts with its iconic coffeeshops and liberal atmosphere. These legally permitted weed dispensaries, selling and serving cannabis, are the cornerstone of the city's unique cultural tapestry. Concentrated in vibrant areas like the Red Light District and Jordaan, Amsterdam's cannabis scene buzzes with both tourists and locals. Throughout the year, cannabis-themed events and festivals offer education, discussion, and celebration, solidifying Amsterdam's position as a global cannabis hub.

One of our favorite things to do in Amsterdam is a trip on the Smokeboat, while floating inside the beautiful city center you can smoke weed with your friends on the boat. Ideal for some side seeing while getting high!

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Most weed-friendly travel destinations in North, Central and South America

Maybe closer to home for you, let’s dive into some of the best weed havens in North, Central and South America!


In Canada, cannabis has been legal for recreational use since October 2018, creating a haven for weed enthusiasts. The legal framework allows adults to possess and share up to 30 grams of cannabis, grow up to four plants per household, and purchase from licensed dispensaries.

Cannabis is known for its beautiful landscapes and great vibe, resulting as one of the best weed-friendly travel destinations in 2024. We haven’t been there ourselves so far, but would love to explore the cannabis culture in Vancouver for example!

Reference picture of Canada, one of the best weed-friendly vacation countries in 2024

United States

We can’t skip our stoner friend in the United States. Recently we dove into the differences in cannabis culture in Europe vs America, giving some interesting insights in the consumption habits. Beside the differences in continents, a great development is the movement towards decriminalization and legalization in both countries.

Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical cannabis (2023), with several states also legalizing weed for recreational use. These state laws have created a complex and inconsistent legal environment, where cannabis is legal in some places and strictly prohibited in others.

We’ll keep it short and won’t cover all states, but we for recommend to check out Los Angeles. This city in California stands out as a great cannabis-friendly travel destination for several reasons. The city has plenty of dispensaries and delivery services, offering a wide portfolio of high-quality products. Additionally, LA's relaxed atmosphere and progressive attitudes make it socially acceptable to use cannabis in various settings. The city's diverse and vibrant neighborhoods provide unique spaces for stoners to enjoy their experience, whether it's exploring the artsy vibe of Venice Beach or relaxing in the scenic beauty of Griffith Park.
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Uruguay stands out as the best weed-friendly country in South America. It made history by becoming the first nation globally to fully legalize recreational cannabis in 2013. Visitors can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere with legalized cultivation, possession, and consumption. Uruguay's cannabis clubs, known as "colectivos", offer a social space for enthusiasts. The country's breathtaking landscapes, from sandy beaches to lush countryside, provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed experience. With a progressive approach to cannabis and a warm cultural embrace, Uruguay offers a unique and enjoyable destination for travelers seeking a weed-friendly escape in South America. We can’t wait to go!

 Reference picture of Uruguay, one of the best weed-friendly vacation countries in 2024

Best cannabis destination in Asia (Thailand)

For Asia we can keep it short, as Thailand became the first and only country to decriminalize weed. Cultivation, consumption and distribution is now fully decriminalized and the popularity spiked immensely in the country.

But Thailand's short relaxed attitude towards cannabis may be ending. Just over a year after decriminalization, the new conservative government is proposing a sharp U-turn in January 2024, aiming to tightly regulate and potentially restrict marijuana use to medicinal purposes.

Neon weed signs, at this moment a common sight in Bangkok's tourist areas, could be dimmed alongside the dreams of a growing cannabis industry. Hundreds of food and drink vendors offering edibles and popular strains might face closure, leaving a bittersweet aftertaste for those who embraced the initial wave of legalization.

Therefore we advise you to thoroughly check the laws regarding cannabis in Thailand before buying your flight ticket 😉 Hopefully we can add more Asian countries in the future to this list.

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What is the best weed-friendly country in Africa?

Also for Africa we unfortunately don’t have a long list of cannabis havens. As of our last update in February 2024, there is no African country where recreational cannabis is fully legalized. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time in Africa, South Africa to be precise!

South Africa

South Africa has taken steps toward the decriminalization of cannabis. In 2018, the Constitutional Court ruled that personal use and cultivation of cannabis for private consumption were protected rights. While this didn't legalize cannabis, it effectively decriminalized it for personal use.

South Africa is a land of stunning diversity, offering something for everyone. Enjoy beautiful nature with diverse landscapes, from mountains to beaches. Get up close to wildlife on safari, or soak up the amazing culture with music, dance, and delicious food. You can enjoy plenty of sports such as hiking, surfing and bungee jumping.  Enjoy sunny weather, friendly faces, and affordable prices.

Not only for South Africa, but also all previously mentioned weed-friendly destinations, we advise you to take a look on the website of budandbreakfast.com which offers cannabis friendy accommodations around the world. Here you can find the best places in South Africa.

 Reference picture of South Africa, one of the best weed-friendly vacation countries in 2024


We hope we’ve inspired you to plan your next trip! Missed your favorite weed-friendly vacation country? Let us know in the comments!

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