Best Cannabis Countries in Europe

Best Cannabis Countries in Europe

Cannabis legalization is an evolving issue in Europe, with several countries taking steps towards legalizing the cultivation, possession, and consumption of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. This shift in attitudes towards cannabis has opened new opportunities for travelers seeking cannabis-friendly destinations in Europe.

In this article we will dive into the legality of cannabis in the different European countries and we will discuss which places are the safest to go when wanting to smoke weed while traveling.


The legality of cannabis in Europe

Before we dive deeper into this, we first need to explain a little about the legal statuses that may apply. As you may have heard or read before, for the most part cannabis can be either illegal, legal or decriminalized. But what exactly does decriminalize mean? Let me explain.

Decriminalization is the removal of criminal penalties for an act. This does not mean that the act is legal, but it means that the government will not prosecute people for it. People caught with cannabis are typically given a fine or a warning, rather than being arrested or imprisoned. The government does not accept the use, but in some cases condones it. Often the possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use is not seen a criminal offense. But this can be a tricky one, you should be careful and take note of local regulations.

The purpose of use also plays a role in the legality of cannabis. Some countries only allow cannabis use if it is necessary for medical conditions. In these cases, cannabis can often only be obtained with a doctor's prescription.


Legal status for recreational use

So, what is the actual legal status of cannabis in European countries? Below you find a list of all 44 European countries with its current legal status.

 Legal status recreational use European Countries 
Last updated: November 2023

As you can see, there are only two countries in Europe where recreational cannabis use is legal. In October 2021, Malta became the first country in Europe to legalize cannabis. In Malta, it is now legal to carry up to 7 grams of cannabis, each household is allowed to grow 4 plants and you can store up to 50 grams of cannabis at home. Consumption is only allowed in cannabis clubs and at home.

As of July 2023, Luxembourg followed as the second European country to legalize recreational cannabis use. As of today, Luxembourg allows you to have 4 plants at home and to carry a maximum of 3 grams. Consumption is only allowed indoors.


Legal status for medical use

Below you’ll find the current legal status for medical use of cannabis in European countries. When it comes to medicinal cannabis, there is decriminalized legal status. In this case cannabis usually either legal or illegal.

Legal status medical use European Countries 
Last updated: November 2023

The first countries to legalize cannabis for medical use were the Netherlands and Germany, in 2003. Since then, many other countries have followed suit, as shown in the table above. The most common indications for medical use of cannabis are chronic pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and for nausea and vomiting. The medical use of cannabis in Europe is expected to increase further in the coming years.


Best cannabis destinations in Europe

Now that you know the broad legal status of cannabis in Europe, we will dive deeper into the best destinations for consuming weed in Europe. Which cities have the best facilities for stoners? In what places is weed most accepted? These are all relevant questions when travelling for good cannabis destinations. The sentiment regarding weed varies greatly by country in Europe. While some countries have taken bold steps, others maintain stricter regulations. Some have open coffeeshops, some have social clubs which offer cannabis based on registration.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has long been a popular detination for cannabis enthusiasts from around the globe, known by its iconic coffeeshops and the city's laid-back atmosphere. Coffeeshops, legally permitted to sell and serve cannabis products, are the cornerstone of Amsterdam's cannabis culture. These establishments have become synonymous with the city's progressive approach to drug policy. Amsterdam's cannabis scene is concentrated in neighborhoods like the Red Light District and the Jordaan. These areas are home to a high density of coffeeshops, attracting both tourists and locals. The city hosts a variety of cannabis-themed events and festivals throughout the year, providing a platform for education, discussion, and celebration of cannabis culture.

Best cannabis destination Amsterdam, the netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the captivating capital of Catalonia, Spain, has emerged as a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a relaxed and accepting environment. While not yet legalized, cannabis use is widely decriminalized in Barcelona, and the city is home to a unique aspect of its cannabis culture: cannabis clubs, known as "asociaciones cannabicas." These private member-based clubs provide a safe and regulated space for individuals to consume cannabis in a social setting. Exploring Barcelona's cannabis scene requires a bit of insider knowledge, but with respect for local customs and etiquette, visitors can experience the city's unique blend of cultural acceptance, social awareness, and a commitment to responsible consumption.


Best cannabis destination Barcelona, Spain

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has taken a progressive stance on cannabis legislation, becoming a forerunner in marijuana policy within Europe. Despite recreational use remaining technically illegal, possession of small amounts has been decriminalized since 2010. Legalization is on the horizon, with plans for regulated adult-use cannabis sales in pharmacies and dispensaries. This shift is partly driven by the growing acceptance of medical cannabis, with prescriptions increasing significantly in recent years. While smoking may be discouraged, alternative consumption methods like vaporizers and edibles could gain prominence. With 23% of young Czechs having tried cannabis, the country is poised to embrace legal recreational marijuana, potentially setting an example for other nations.


Best cannabis destination Prague

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Despite their reputation for cannabis tolerance, maybe neither the Netherlands nor Spain or Prague are actually the most cannabis-friendly countries in Europe. In fact, cannabis use is still stigmatized to a significant degree in these countries, and users are often looked down upon by their fellow citizens.

In Slovenia, cannabis use is not only decriminalized but also seemingly accepted by the majority of society. Many families even grow a few plants outside in the summer, and cannabis is readily available and affordable.

Slovenia's attitude towards cannabis is likely due to its agricultural roots. Cannabis is seen as just another crop, like grapes, olives, and herbs. The country's government has also taken a compassionate stance on cannabis, allowing the use of Rick Simpson oil, a cannabis-based product, to treat sick patients.

Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city, is a charming and vibrant place with a laid-back atmosphere. Cannabis is effectively legal in the city, and most bars allow smoking or at least turn a blind eye to it. While cannabis is not technically legal in Slovenia, it is decriminalized in small amounts, and it seems inevitable that the country will legalize and regulate adult use for recreational purposes.

Slovenia is a beautiful and welcoming country with a lot to offer visitors, including a relaxed and accepting attitude towards cannabis. If you're looking for a European cannabis haven, Slovenia is definitely worth considering.

At Open Your Mind, we strive for other European countries to implement the same mindset as those in Slovenia. By sharing valuable knowledge and making high-quality products, we try to break negative stereotypes regarding cannabis. At Open Your Mind, we believe that cannabis use fits well into a purpose-driven and productive life. Click here to learn more about our brand.

 Best cannabis destination Ljubljana


Cannabis acceptance and legality differs a lot in Europe. Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, is a popular tourist destination for cannabis enthusiasts, as it is home to many coffeeshops where people can safely smoke cannabis. After that, we can say that Barcelona makes up for a good cannabis destination as well. Other interesting cannabis-friendly destinations in Europe include Prague and Ljubljana. However, always make sure you are aware of local legislations.

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