About us

We are two young entrepreneurs from Eindhoven, Netherlands. After our studies, we started in 2021 to invent and design beautiful products that improve your smoking experience. During this period we both worked at established successful companies in Brainport Eindhoven. There we gained a lot of knowledge about product design but above all learned that the highest goal in business is to realize satisfied customers. And that is at the heart of Open Your Mind.

Having the right accessories can greatly enhance the user experience, and this certainly applies to the use of cannabis. At Open Your Mind, we are dedicated to crafting practical products that will elevate your smoking experience. What sets us apart is our commitment to not only functionality but also to unique and high-quality designs. Far too often, smoking essentials are stored in plastic bags and hidden away in shoeboxes. We believe it can be so much better, and that's why we design cannabis-related products to be proud of.

This is what we truly believe in at Open Your Mind: being proud, having the courage to show your true self without the need to hide anything, both literally and figuratively. We distance ourselves from stereotypical images dominated by trippy visuals and alien-like figures, instead of that we are offering mature and uniquely designed products tailored to provide you with the best smoking experience.

We stand for a world where all prejudices regarding cannabis no longer exist and create products that align with that vision. Will you join us on this adventure?


Why choose Open Your Mind?

Optimal user experience  
The products from Open Your Mind have been carefully designed and curated to ensure the best possible user experience. 
Proudly presentable designs
In addition to the high level of functionality in our products, unique designs play a significant role at Open Your Mind. We believe it's essential that our products can be proudly presented.
High-quality for high performers 
At Open Your Mind, we believe that cannabis use fits well into a purpose-driven and productive life. We create a community of ''high''-performers and we dedicate ourselves to designing high-quality products that fits with this lifestyle.

Always feel free to contact us:

Email: support@open-your-mind.com

Instragram: OpenYourMindEU